As the seasons change, so do my hobbies.  When the leaves start to change I am inspired to create some new pint size hats.  Occasionally I will find a summer theme to knit into a hat.  I never know what a hat is going turn into until it is almost finished.  They take on different personalities, whether it may be fruit, seasonal, or just topped with a bow.  This page is dedicated to my hats and their unique personalities.
 (And some bears I made for special friends!)

After our trip this summer to the Oregon coast I got the idea for this hat.  We found some beautiful tide pools filled with sea life.  I loves the starfish and found a way to incorporate it into a hat.  I haven't decided yet if I am going to add some more sea life to this hat.  I call this one "Tide Pool."

Some good friends of mine just welcomed a new baby boy into their lives.  They own a horse training operation and the colors of their farm are red, white, and blue.  It was around the 4th of July that I made this hat so I was inspired by fireworks and the American flag and it just worked perfectly for their new baby.

Work in progress:  I am planning on adding a picot edge and white and teal dots.