Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Knitting Needle Organizer

I wanted to make a knitting needle organizer for a friend, and after searching for a tutorial with no success, I decided I could take a risk and design one myself. Most of the tutorials I found were for 30 needles. My friend is a new knitter and does not have that many, and she has a mix of circular, double pointed, and straight needles. I bought a fat quarter bundle of 1001 Peeps in Persian Purple with this project in mind. So after about 4 hours, this is what I had come up with.

The only thing I did not like is that I made a mistake and the snap is on the wrong side. A mistake to learn from. I loved this fabric so much that I made a cover for my kindle. Pictures will be in the next post.

Christmas Bags Continued...

The lining for this bag is Waverly Hot Dogs. Jay's youngest sister has the most adorable Daschund and I loved this fabric.

The lining for this bag is Sherbet Pips Puppy Dog Tails. This bag was for my mom who has many dogs, two being Jack Russells, so I thought this was perfect for her.

Christmas Bags

This year for Christmas, I decided I was going to make a bags for my family and Jay's. I was very happy with the results. I used a faux leather in dark chocolate and tan.

I chose this lining fabric for my stepmom. She and my Dad live in Santa Fe and collect retablos of New Mexican saints. This fabric is Los Sanctos by Free Spirit.

I have had my eye on this fabric by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit. This bag was for Jay's sister.