About Me

Well, I have finally done it... I've created my own blog for my obsessive hobbies: sewing and knitting. 
Sewing and knitting are my outlets from school and work.  I am a student at the University of Northern Colorado's Center for Urban Education, studying to be an elementary teacher.  I was a professional horse trainer for ten years and to save my sanity I chose to leave the crazy horse world for the wonderful world of education.  I live in Denver with my husband and our three dogs, Ty, Peanut, and Batman, 9 chickens, and two fuzzy goats named Chloe and Sophie.      
Anyways, I have only have my beloved sewing machine for a year, and I am gradually venturing into more complex patterns, but I love love love to make bags.  I am a bag lady!  It all began with a simple 20-minute tote, which I have made about twenty, and most recently messenger bags.  I tend to stick to my comfort zone with sewing and knitting.  Along with sewing bags I love to knit hats, but for some reason I am only able to successfully knit baby hats or hats for people with small heads (and fortunately I have a very small head).  I hope to add crocheting to my list of hobbies, we will see after I take some classes.
When I am not crafting I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, gardening, reading, or just relaxing.
We have been working hard making improvements to our urban farm, check out Our Urban Farm page to see what's been happening.
That is me in a nut shell!